Every season there is one "it" bag that dominates every girl’s wishlist, and this season it is none other than the bucket bag. To be precise, the most wanted bag for the spring and summer of 2015  is the MansurGavriel Bucket Bag, which is still out of stock on every single website that carries this brand. From the minimalistic design to the array of colors, this bag is a must in every wardrobe. But since it is pretty hard to find, I gathered a couple of my other favorite bucket bags, which are perfect for every budget.

Take a look at these:


Shop the bags:

  1. MANSUR GAVRIEL Large Bucket in White with Blu Interior: retails for about 695$
  2. FURLA Stacy Bag: retails for about 265$
, SAINT LAURENT Large Emmanuelle Bucket Bag in Fog Leather: retails for about 2,150$,
  1. ZARA Perforated Bucket Bag: retails for about 52$
  2. H&M Bucket Bag in Powder Beige: retails for about 40$ 
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