The use of the trendy dating app Tinder has become pretty popular in the Arab world in the last few years. People have become much more open to online dating, helping the taboo slowly fade into non-existence. 

Arab women and men have been using the app for quite some time now; the former have been using social media for even longer. And just like they grew accustomed to which friend requests to reject, they ought to do the same with Tinder profiles.

No matter how many positive experiences an Arab woman has encountered through the online dating app, some profiles are meant to scream red flags ... and we're here to help.

1. The mystery guy

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Source: Tinder

This guy either has a picture of a natural scenery/animal or he's got one single photo where he kinda looks good, but it's hard to tell. His profile is limited and practically nonexistent. His opening text will be just as sketchy as he seems to be. Just swipe left sis. 

2. The judgmental guy

Source: Tinder

The typical Oriental Arab guy who straight-up asks you "how come a pretty girl like you has a Tinder account?" 

How come a backwards thinking guy like YOU has one?

3. The desperate guy

He's the guy who would spam your inbox from the second you guys match until the moment you get fed up and un-match him.

4. The looking-for-a-wife guy

He just wants to settle down. If that's also what you're looking for, rock on. 

5. The master of pickup lines

Some people are just smooth. 

6. The guy who uses Tinder to promote his Instagram profile

Source: Tinder

This guy is collecting Instagram followers in his quest to become an internet sensation.

7. The married guy

This guy will have pictures of his own wife and kids. No shame.

8. The ghoster

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Talks to you once and then disappears, hence the name. 

9. The Tinder Gold/Premium guy

Source: Tinder

The guy who pays for Tinder subscription is good looking most times. His commitment to whatever he's looking for is truly inspiring. 

10. The egotistical guy

This type gets offended when you don't reply immediately. These men are surprisingly abundant.

11. The know-it-all

This guy just can't wait to show you how much of a catch he is. He just cannot wait.

12. The show-off

Arabs and posting pictures of their cars ... still a better love story than Twilight. 

13. The guy who needs help

Like ... what is wrong with you, man?

14. George Clooney

Tinder, George Clooney
Source: Tinder

No words.

15. The occasional Israeli guy who somehow shows up in the Lebanese area

Source: Tinder

Hell no.

16. The sugar daddy

Tinder, sugar daddy
Source: Tinder

Very tempting.