On Monday, Japan beat out Saudi Arabia during the AFC Asian Cup 2019 with a 1-0 score. 

The football tournament, which is being hosted by the UAE this year, saw Japan advance to the quarterfinals after its win. Japanese footballer Takehiro Tomiyasu scored Japan's only goal against Saudi Arabia within 20 minutes of the game.

On the other hand, Saudi Arabia hasn't reached the quarterfinals in 12 years. People were holding onto a thread of hope that maybe Saudi Arabia's national team would advance this year. Except, that wasn't the case at all. 

Naturally, people were left in quite a bad mood after the tournament.

Saudi Arabia's hopes in a GIF

The game left many pretty much breathless

And brought out a lot of tears

The Green Falcons OR ... "The Gum Team"?

"The legends of football in Saudi Arabia" be like

People were quite embarrassed after the results

Others were incredibly disappointed

Truth is, no one wants to be a loser

Some think naturalizing foreigners would be a better bet