Urban Dictionary never fails to give a much more interesting perspective on words - because that's one of the perks of user-generated definitions. 

People haven't missed out on the opportunity to define Arabic names on the platform - some of which are quite accurate - but other definitions are just ridiculously funny.

1. Fahed

What it really means: It's Arabic for Jaguar. 

It is a common royal name in Saudi Arabia that bears connotations of courage and fierceness.

2. Leena

What it really means: In Arabic, it's a name that denotes tenderness, while in Chinese, "Li Na" means 'pretty', and 'elegant'.

3. Rami

What it really means: In Arabic, the name is derived from the verb "to throw" and means archer (the one who throws the arrow). 

4. Reem

What it really means: Reem symbolizes purity, elegance and grace since the name is a synonym for "gazelle".

5. Tariq/Tarek

What it really means: It literally translates to "one who knocks at the door," referring mainly to travelers. Tariq is also a Surah in the Quran, and it means "night comer," or the star that watches over the world.

6. Farah

What it really means: In Arabic, the word Farah translates to happiness and joy.

7. Khalid

What it really means: Derived from Arabic, Khalid denotes immortality and eternity. 

8. Jamil

What it really means: It's Arabic for 'beautiful'.  

9. Zahra

What it actually means: It's Arabic for 'blossom' or 'flower'. 

10. Karim

What it actually means: The Arabic name/word is used to describe someone who is very generous.