Halloween! The day that marks the end of October and calls on people dress up, dress down, become someone or something else, party ... and put up their Christmas trees before it's too late? To each their own as this time of year is for people to be whatever they desire, or simply remain themselves. 

Arabs have been planning their costumes for the last month, maybe even longer, and here are some of their best:

1. Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere!

2. Bestie GOALS!

"Why are you not horrifying or celebrating Halloween like me and my girls?"

3. Arab Girl Starter Pack: Halloween Edition

4. Arabs be Arabs

"I swear, there is no solution to this nation!"

5. Everyone deserves a costume ... even your furry pets

6. Even if amid protests

7. Think of the children...

8. BRAINS... BRAins.. brains...?

9. Egyptian characters took the streets: Atef and El Limby

10. Saudi Horror Fest going all out

11. Maleficent was a popular costume this year

12. So was the Joker, obviously

13. When you finally run out of costume ideas ... just look gore