The Middle East is a place of constant fascination, a place where I guarantee you not a moment of dullness. Here my friends I introduce you to a fine example of this statement… The Arab husband checklist!

1. Profession

Image 1

Is he a Doctor? A Lawyer? An Engineer? This is the holy trinity of careers, for anything less will be welcomed with a slight "meh."

2. His ancestors


Who is his father and what does he do? Does he come from a "good" family? Whatever that means.

After his whole family tree has been identified and thoroughly analyzed, it is time to ask around and start conducting an informal survey via all the tantes in the country.

3. Property

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Does he have an apartment ready to move into? Is it in HIS name? Once the apartment has been checked off the list, we move onto the plot of land. God forbid his great grandfather passed without leaving him with something worth talking about.

4. Education

image 4

Is he a graduate from the United States or France? Does he have a master's degree? Wow, he must be smart! He has a PHD too? He must be whacked out!

5. Past life


He is divorced? God forbid he had a previous relationship that simply did not work out! This calls for some major investigation. Gossip and paranoia have just hit their highest peak.

6. Ibn ayleh?


What does that even mean?


7. Meeting point


Where did you meet? Don’t you DARE say it was anywhere but your friend’s wedding.

Who introduced you guys to each other? Of course his best friend!

8. Identity

#5 talk the talk

The major deal breakers...

Mini checklist:

  • Religion?
  • Sect?
  • Region?

When all these have been ticked off the list, it is time to understand the level of involvement.

9. Passport

Image 9

American? Canadian? Australian? British? European?