If you agree with the saying, "All men are the same," you're wrong. The different types of men that you might date in Lebanon are plenty. Each one of them has their own lifestyle, ambiance, and interests.

We are sure that the 8 types we are about to mention are not the only ones though, but here's a general idea: 

1. The hipster

Najib L Awe Source: Facebook

This type is a free happy spirit that you would probably find at most pubs in Mar Mikhael, and most of the time he is part of the band performing there. 

He will take you to chill places you never knew existed in this country, mostly ones in nature and by the sea.

You will easily become part of all his gigs as you meet his cool friends.

2. The musician

Joseph Abboud Source: Facebook

This type is a passionate artist. One that would play his music and appreciate every single musician out there.

He will always have music in the background, which of course will help you learn about new bands! 

3. The sports fan freak

Jason Kaakoush Source: Facebook

This type is a crazy sports fan! He will not miss out on any game, especially if his team is playing. So if you are sports fan yourself, this here is your guy! 

You will learn things you never knew, whether it's the players' names or the number of times every team has won the league.

4. The gym rat

Jean Estephane Source: Facebook

To this guy, being fit and healthy are two essential factors, so gym-time is sacred, and if you tag along you have just signed up for some free professional training.

His lifestyle will keep you younger for a longer time.

5. Mama's boy

He is a sweet heart, and his mother is his queen. And you know what they say, "How a man treats his mother is an indication of how he will treat the woman he loves".

This type will always shower you with affection and care.

6. The workaholic

Anis Hachem

The workaholic is the type who will take care of matters outside work the same way he does at work. So your problems will always have a solution when he's around.

On a side note, the laptop will be his second girlfriend.

7. The classy one

Karim Kawoukji Source: Facebook

This type right here is into luxury. He will always take you to places where you will be treated royal and the VIP section will become your second home.

Together, you will always look classy and outstanding. 

8. The easygoing one

Najib Hajjar Source: Facebook

This type is the sociable one who can also manage to take care of business. He is the type that has no problem with anything. His outings are not restricted; he'll go anywhere for a good time. He has plenty of friends, and he will never try to change you.