Not every Arab mom is the same, but there seems to be something that ties them all together: the way they text. Here are the 8 texts that we think every Arab mom sends to her kids, and we bet you've received every single one of them.

1. The "good morning" texts

It's not a good morning if your mom hasn't reminded you that it is.

2. The "did you eat?" texts


It's almost as if she believes that if she doesn't remind you, you'll just starve to death ...

3. The late-night "where are you" texts

Alternatively, the "when are you coming back" texts. These messages happen every single time you go out, even if you told her exactly when you'd be back before leaving.

4. The texts reminding you of chores


These texts stomp all over your happy moments and remind you that your happiness will be short-lived because as soon as you get home, you've got a sinkful of dishes waiting for you. Thanks mom!

5. The "run errands for me" texts

giphy (1)

Every single day, your mom asks you for something on your way home, whether she's craving ice cream or the house has run out of labneh, you will end up befriending the neighborhood storekeeper.

6. The "did you take a jacket with you?" text


No matter what month of the year it is, you're always not dressing well according to your mother. These texts are cute in the winter, but are honestly just so weird come summer...

7. The worried texts

Any bad news anywhere in the world will drive Arab moms crazy, you just expect texts like these by now tbh ...

8. The "I love you" texts


You can always trust your mom to love you through whatever you're going through, and nothing warms your heart more than her lovey-dovey texts that keep you smiling the whole day through!