In college, the right professor can make or break you, and they come in all shapes and sizes. If you're a college student, you know that you've had to bear through all these professors, and they're mostly the reason you either love or hate a class. These are the types of professors you'll have to deal with in college.

1. The dictator


This teacher hasn’t yet realized that they’re teaching college students and not a high school class. They confiscate phones and set crazy rules just to show you who’s boss.

2. The TMI


You will end up learning about this teacher’s personal life more than you will about whatever subject they’re supposed to be teaching, but at least their life is more interesting..

3. The snooze

The course you’re taking with them will probably sound great, in theory, but as soon as these professors open their mouths, you will be sent into a daze that will make the one hour you spend with them feel like years.

4. The mumbler


The one thing a professor has to be good at, other than knowing what the hell they’re taking about, is speaking. That’s your entire job, speaking, so please SPEAK UP! There’s nothing worse than when you have actually convinced yourself to take notes and are then unable to do it because you can’t hear what the professor is saying. Who hired these people?

5. The weirdo


These professors are so damn excited about what they're teaching, things get weird. They're the type of professors who rap Shakespeare or make a dance about cells. As weird as it may get though, their classes are the best you'll ever take.

6. The snob


Want to feel like an idiot? Take a class with this professor! They're always  right. Want to pitch in an idea or voice some thoughts you have about class? Don't do it because what they appreciate isn't creativity, what they appreciate is your ability to do things exactly as they do.

7. The “we’re such good friends”

giphy (4)

You're not sure if these professors are extra friendly with everyone, or if they've just taken a liking to you, but they seem to want to keep you after class time and time again to talk. All you can think is, "Please just give me grades I don’t know what to talk to you about anymore."

8. The spitter


These professors are the absolute worst, they speak so excitedly that, um, things happen. Just take a seat in the back of the class and you’ll survive, maybe.

9. The laidback


They show up late, forget about homework, and have never given you a syllabus. These professors have accomplished a great feat: They have managed to care less than you do.

10. The accent


You just can’t understand what the hell they’re saying, they talk and talk on and on, but you really can't tell exactly what each word is. They may be the best professor in the entire college, but there's no way for you to learn anything from them.

11. The syllabus abider


They can't function without mentioning the syllabus at least 8 times a class, they feel lost without it. Want to know when an exam is? Let's check the syllabus! Want to know what papers you have to write? Read your syllabus! You want to use the restroom? Let's check the syllabus for the 56th time to make sure the head of the department allows it!

12. The “I'm so funny”


This professor's lectures are 90 percent jokes, and they're all really really lame. But, there's nothing worse than when they do crack a joke and no one laughs, and the only reason some do is so that the professor would like them more. In between the giggles you can faintly hear "please give me grades."

13. The reader


Your parents have saved money all their lives in order to send you to college, and all these professors do is read from the textbook. They don't analyse, they don't explain, they just read. About halfway into the semester you will get the urge to just stay home and read it yourself, and honestly, you should.

14. The slightly sexist


These professors seem to have come from about a hundred years ago, but are attempting to hide it. They don't say sexist comments out loud, but rather hint at their opinions which is even worse because you can't say anything back to them.

15. The #deep


This professor just understands Literature/History/Art on such an intense level that you can never reach, and they point that out to you time and time again. They usually use their hands a lot while explaining, and almost always end their sentences with "anyway," giving up on you ever understanding what they mean.

16. The self promoter


They wrote a book like four years ago and can't help but mention it at every situation even if it has nothing to do with the book. You have the flu? Buy my book there's a subsection in chapter 12 that discusses Napoleon's death caused by flu! It might help you!

17. The time consumer

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These teachers don't seem to understand that you have other classes, or they just don't fathom the concept of time and that you are their students, not their slaves. They will go on and on at least 20 minutes after class is over, and then realize and keep you an extra five minutes...