Ramadan is in its final days, but to be honest it kinda feels like we just started. 

To put it in perspective to those who don't know much about the holy month and fasting, here's what it feels like as explained through the lens of Chandler Bing.

Stage 1: Censoring everything haram around you

All year long, you do not censor your language when talking to anyone, but during this one month in the year, you kind of become your own tongue's guardian angel.

Stage 2: Weird epiphanies during working hours

Working hours become all the more tiresome because of one thing: no caffeine and no food of course. 

During Ramadan, you develop a super special skill which is: sleeping with your eyes open.

Stage 3: You are diagnosed with the "Hangry" syndrome

That feeling when you're too hungry that you could literally eat a wooden table with your own hands ... 

That's when you know the "hangry" diagnosis is 100 percent accurate.

Stage 4: That feeling when someone asks you "can I drink water in front of you?"

I will take that glass of water and throw it on your face if you ask me that one more time! 

On a serious note, of course you can, because fasting is all about self-control!  

Stage 5: When you take the last piece of samosa on the table ...

You've had your eye on those samosas since your mother laid them out on the iftar table ... and when you eventually snatch the last one, your sibling just won't have it. 

Forget self-control during iftar, it's time to let the hunger games begin! 

Stage 6: When you start reading more than usual

Reading level: 10 books a day.

Stage 7: But oh man, that feeling after iftar

You just wanna sit on that barcalounger forever ... and ever ... and ever.

Stage 8: Your bowel movements fail you

One word: constipation.

Your mom's cure? Qamar El-Din juice. 

Stage 9: Suhoor be like

New phobia comes to life: fear of staying hungry. 

Stage 10: At last ... the countdown to Eid begins!

Stage 11: Waking up on Eid day ... and being able to drink water

Who knew drinking water in the morning could be so exciting?