Exes come in all sorts, and most of them are just plain painful. However, different kinds of exes cause different kinds of pain and suffering, depending on their degree of craziness. Whether you've been dating for years or you've just started dating, you or your friends have run into at least one of these kinds of exes.

1. The "What was I thinking?"


You look back at this person and wonder what the hell you were thinking when you dated them. They're obnoxious and frankly just dumb, and they'll leave you wondering what you were on when you dated them.

2. The bitter ex


You never thought that you'd be hard to get over, but this ex disagrees. They went straight from being in love with you to hating your guts a week after. They're the exes you'll run into and smile at, but they'll ignore you or even scowl at you. Honestly, these exes are just immature and can't handle rejection, so don't give them another thought.

3. The one who was trying to look cool


This person only dated you because they were trying to impress their friends, and they never really cared about you. You hate seeing these people because they were just a waste of your time and you'd rather not.

4. The "Please leave me alone"


This ex doesn't understand the concept of space, and even months after the relationship is over, he/she will still be around waiting for you to come back. Whatever you do, do not, under any circumstances, post on any form of social media what you're up to or where you're going, because they will show up and "spontaneously" run into you.

5. The cheater


It's not only that these people cheated on you, but you were also the other woman/man to whoever came before you. These exes have no idea how to commit, and they love lying more than they'll ever love you. The only way you could ever talk to them is if they're sworn under oath, or are put on a lie detector so you can figure what if they're telling you anything that's true.

6. The "Let's get married!"


It seemed to be going great with this person up until they decided a week into it that you were the one, and that they should meet your parents. These are the same people who discuss how many kids you're going to have, with them of course, and name them all. It doesn't seem to be a problem that you guys barely knew each other, they wanted to get married to you and live happily ever after.

7. The one who got hot


These are among the worst exes you'll ever have, only because they don't play fair. How is it that when you were together they looked like mountain trolls, and a week after you guys broke up, they got their shit together? It just isn't fair, stalking your exes' Instagrams is supposed to make you feel better about yourself, not like you wish you have no clue how someone who looks like that could have ever dated you.

8. The stain

Jacob-goaway (1)

Ever stain a white shirt and spend weeks trying to get it out? These exes are the human equivalent of that. They're probably the first person you've dated, and no matter where you go or what you do in life, there's always gonna be a small part of you that misses them. It's not that you're not over them, but you will always care about them for one reason or another.

9. The hit'n'run


This person dated you for a month or two, made you fall head over heels, and left you feeling like you've just been run over by a car. Looking back, you have no idea what happened, and you wonder where the hell they are now. But honestly, it just hurt, so you're over it.

10. The "I'm dating your friend now"


This is officially the absolute worst thing any ex can do; date a friend of yours. You either have to cut out your friend from your life because your ex couldn't look for their next victim in a new circle, or you have to settle for seeing them around all the time. If you do, though, you'll have to make an effort every single time you go out because they'll be there, and you end up wasting so much time and money on yourself which you never would have otherwise. This whole situation is just a mess.

11. The one you want back


This is the one person who you thought you'd be with forever, and they basically shattered your heart into a million pieces. You probably broke up over something stupid, and every time you meet someone new you compare him/her to this person.