In our hectic modern lives, our bustling cities and buzzing smartphones often make us forget to connect with nature.

One of the best ways to do that is to take a vacation from the world and go on a camping trip, somewhere where the stars are the only lights in the night.

Because of Egypt's unique geography, it has many different places that are perfect for camping. These are the 10 best spots for a camping adventure in Egypt.

1. St. Catherine's

Lying in the St. Catherine area in South Sinai are two heavenly peaks, Mount Sinai and Mount Catherine, Egypt's highest mountain that offers a more challenging climb. Both summits are excellent camping spots that offer spectacular views and solitude.

2. Ras Abu Galum

Lying in the east of Sinai very close to Dahab is the nature reserve of Abu Galum, the tranquility and beauty of its calm waters and mountain scenery make it perfect for camping.

3. The Siwa Oasis

Lying in the middle of Egypt's Western Desert, the quiet oasis is perfect for an authentic camping experience in the desert and for gazing endlessly at the stars.

4. Ras Mohammed

Lying in south Sinai very close to Sharm El-Sheikh, the natural reserve is not just for divers, it also has a lot to offer campers outside of the water as it is a bird-watching site and a great place to enjoy the tranquility of Sinai.

5. The White Desert

Lying in the Farafra depression in Egypt's Western Desert, the national park is one of the most popular camping sites in Egypt due to its remoteness and unique cream-colored rock formations.

6. Ras Shaitan

Lying in the east of Sinai between Taba and Nuweiba, the long beautiful beach is another popular camping destination due to its pristine scenery and simplicity.

7. Wadi El-Rayan

Lying in the Fayoum oasis very close to Cairo, the natural reserve is perfect for a weekend camping trip to escape the big city. Its waterfalls, lakes and sand dunes offer excellent camping activities.

8. The Fjord Bay

The Fjord Bay in Taba is one of the most pristine diving areas in Egypt, its spectacular scenery also make it perfect for camping.

9. Wadi El-Gemal

Lying south of Marsa Alam on the Red Sea coast, the national park is a great camping site for bird-watchers, it is home to many different ecological habitats including some endangered species.

10. Wadi Degla

Lying just outside the Maadi neighborhood in the south of Cairo, the protectorate is a perfect piece of desert inside the city. Its trails and canyons make it perfect for hiking, biking and camping.