Last Friday, citizens of Naqoura, Lebanon, were left speechless when they woke up to a white scenery gracefully washing ashore its beach.

The southern city is well known for its rocky beach, which has been heavily layered with white foam late last week, with some people even mistaking it for snow. 

Sea foam is usually made up of various components such as dissolved salts, proteins, dead algae, detergents, and other pollutants. The phenomenon occurs when high concentrations of dissolved organic matter in the sea are whipped due to agitated water. 

When the mixture is stirred together vigorously by extreme climate conditions, small bubbles form on the surface, which is exactly what happened on Naqoura beach, creating the thick layer of foam.

Lebanese tweeps reported the happening in action

"Naqoura beach is covered with snow"

Some people even titled the area "Foam beach"

Photos and videos took over Twitter

"Bayyada beach, Naqoura"

"Lebanon, God's heaven on Earth"

"Naqoura beach today"