Some people have a tough time staying up till suhoor, while others dread waking up in the early morning hours for a meal. Then you have those individuals who actually glam up for the pre-dawn meal ... because suhoor gatherings and outings are a real phenomenon today. 

Though these gatherings happen a couple of hours post-iftar, they require some real effort from Muslims ... in terms of fashion. Or so it seems. Thus, a number of brands have been launching "suhoor outfits" in an attempt to garner sales. 

But, does that mean normal clothes from one's closet are inappropriate for suhoor outings? Or are brands just trying to be witty (key word: trying) in their marketing strategies? 

Suhoor outfits who?

Earlier this week, a fake post claiming H&M is advertising suhoor outfits on their website went viral on Twitter. Though the international retailer did recently launch a limited edition for Ramadan and Eid, they don't have a special section for suhoor wear. 

The screenshot was actually taken from a Gulf-based online retailer known as NamshiThe second model to the right in the photo below (screenshot from Namshi) is the same woman, wearing the same blue-striped white outfit, in the circulated photo (that's been said to belong to H&M). 

In reality, the outfit belongs to fashion brand Anotah, which operates in Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. 

Source: Namshi

Regardless of the brand that decided to market "suhoor outfits," they're there and they're real.

Muslims are not exactly comprehending why someone would pay extra money for an outfit labeled as "suhoor wear" when they could literally wear anything from their closet. That's assuming their outing is taking place before the early morning hours. 

These outfits are a thing in the Gulf

Who dresses to impress during Ramadan?

Suhoor abayas, anyone?

Now, while some know of them, thousands of Muslims just don't get these outfits

Because to them, this is what waking up for suhoor looks like

"Dude this is how our suhoor outfits are"

"More realistic suhoor outfit"

"I don't need an outfit for suhoor"

"My suhoor outfit is a robe and absolutely any bottoms"

"I have a lot of suhoor outfits. I call them pajamas"