The United Kingdom has been battling a storm that left thousands of homes without power and killed at least two people.

However, one particular aspect of the storm has been the center of the conversation online, and it has nothing to do with the weather conditions. Instead, people are raising questions about its name: Storm Ali. 

Last week, the Met Office - the UK's national weather service - released a list of names for the upcoming storm season, naming the most recent storm "Ali".

Since then, social media users have been wondering whether the name refers to Ali ibn Abi Talibthe cousin and son-in-law of Prophet Muhammad.

According to the Met Office, naming storms has been proven to raise awareness regarding weather conditions in the country. 

The office selects the names from a list of suggestions submitted by the public, "choosing some of the most popular names but also selecting names that reflect the nations, culture, and diversity of Britain and Ireland".

As for Storm Ali, there has been plenty of talk about whether the name is a shortened form of English names such as Alistair, or whether it is of Arabic origin in reference to the prominent Islamic figure whose name is common among Muslim males.

In the latter case, Storm Ali would be the first non-Anglo-Irish name for a storm in the country, according to Sky News.

"The names are chosen from names nominated by the public, so where there are two or more potential origins they could easily be either. There's not an 'official' position," the Met Office said.

As of 2016, the UK's Muslim population increased to 5 percent, The Independent reported at the time.

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