Fasting during Ramadan in a non-Muslim country comes with its own set of challenges. This is why kind gestures from fellow citizens of other faiths can make all the difference.

A Muslim man staying at a Dublin hotel had recently asked for a light suhoor snack, and to his surprise, got a whole breakfast buffet instead. 

The man's story went viral on Twitter after his colleague, Hemant Buch, posted about it on Thursday. It then prompted thousands of Muslims to share their stories about heartwarming gestures paid forth by non-Muslims during the holy month.

Buch followed up his tweet with another, in which he wrote

"He was the only person there. Humanity is still alive amidst all the hatred."

His posts garnered thousands of likes on the micro-blogging platform. People began sharing their own stories under the thread, and they'll restore your faith in humanity, no doubt.

1. "If you have humanity, it is blind"

2. "It made my day"

3. Coexistence at its best

4. "So sweet"

5. "My manager gives me extra breaks"

6. Is your faith in humanity restored yet?

7. Well, just in case it isn't...

8. We're sure this will do it for you

Muslims are also paying it forth during the holy month