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Remote-anything has become the new lifestyle of millions around the world, whether by choice or not. So does taking the Arab region's leading tech conference online a surprise? 

STEP Conference, the annual event that combines all the recent updates in the tech and startup sphere, is organizing its first full-fledged online event under the name of "STEP Anywhere". The first edition of the virtual event will take place between August 24 to 26 and will feature six tracks of live talks and panels, workshops, various startup programmings, exhibition and showcasing opportunities, and live entertainment.

Are you ready to be submerged in STEP Anywhere's exciting agenda

There's so much to see and hear, so where to begin? It really depends on what you want to get out of the online conference this year. 

The Main Stage, which features online keynote speakers and panels across different topics and industries, will be the home to back-to-back sessions throughout the three-day event. So anywhere you go, remember to keep an eye on the Main Stage. 

As for what the tracks are and what they entail, keep reading to know more.

STEP START: The home-base for founders, startups, and entrepreneurs to learn and share experiences offers the chance of having 1:1 meetings with investors. In addition to the "meet-and-greet," attendees can take part in the multiple panels offered under STEP Start. 

Topics such as "Tech Trends Through a Post-COVID Lens," "Education and Remote Learning", and "The Future of Jobs" among others will be discussed.

STEP DIGITAL: This branch tackles the latest global trends in digital marketing, brands, advertising tech, and content. Brand Managers, CMOs, influencers, and digital gurus will take the online stage, host workshops, and network virtually to also meet startups in the digital media space.

Global speakers will lead discussions revolving around "Retail Never Dies", "Tech's Play: Tailoring Experiences," and "The Streaming Revolution." 

STEP X: This section features the latest in the future of transport and autonomous tech, smart cities, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, and more. Telcos, city planners, automotive companies, and startups will gather online to discuss what life will look like by 2050.

If you're intrigued by knowing more about "Climate Change: Acting Now," "Foodtech and Sustainability," as well as "Health-Tech and Influencing Care," join the panels of STEP X. Who knows, 2050 might be different than how you imagine it.

WELLNESS TRACK: The online Wellness and Lifestyle Track covers topics on the well-being of our mind, body, and soul, as well as the latest trends in tech and lifestyle.

"Working from Home is Here to Stay" and "Technology Meets Mental Health" will be discussed on Aug. 26 by a set of professionals who are well-equipped to guide you through this mentally exhausting novel phase. 

MUSIC & ENTERTAINMENT: STEP's festival format features entertaining programs beyond the online conference agenda, with an online stage to host music performances.

WORKSHOPS: From "Creativity in the Age of Crisis" and "Mental Health Tools to Integrate in Your Startup and Life" to "The Key to a Successful Product Marketing Launch", an international body of speakers and experts will fill you up on all the latest insights and facts throughout the event. 

NETWORKING: Attendees ought to connect with one another, just like a physical event would have them do. So even if STEP Conference is going online, the human face to it will remain present. 

What do participating startups get out of STEP Anywhere?

STARTUP BASECAMP: Global startups will be showcasing their products and services online and will have the opportunity to gather leads and network with potential clients and partners. Selected startups get two tickets for the price of one, a free branded virtual booth, and priority access to participate in Startup Activities to meet global investors.

PITCH COMPETITION: Startups are selected from those participating in the Startup Basecamp to be part of STEP's online pitch competition to present their products and services to leading investors and industry experts.

MENTOR'S CORNER: Participating startups and entrepreneurs will get the opportunity to sign up for 1:1 online sessions with successful startup founders and industry experts.

EXPO: Not reserved for startups only, this space will serve as an exhibition floor for virtual booths of sponsors and exhibitors as well. Attendees and speakers can tour the expo to get to know more about the main components of the entrepreneurial sphere. 

You're looking for the price tag of it all, so here it is:

For General Access tickets, students benefit from a discounted rate of $29 and are allowed to roam around the online event for workshops, panels, entertainment, and more; regular attendees get the same benefits but from $99 and upwards as the prices increase closer to the event. 

As for investors, tickets are for $149 and allow them virtual access to the Startup Basecamp and Exhibition, the Pitch Competition, and the Startup Basecamp Database to name a few. Startups participating in STEP Anywhere get two Master Passes, a virtual booth, a priority to book a mentorship and/or investor meeting, and general access to the event for $99. 

Purchase your tickets here, and to our Lebanese community, prices are calculated at the official rate of 1,515 LBP

*Disclaimer: Step Conference is a brand owned by STEP Group, the parent company of StepFeed.