Police authorities in the UAE are looking to enhance road safety in the country by introducing new traffic laws that will come into effect starting July 1.  

The law aims to reduce the number of deaths on the roads across different parts of the emirates. 

“The [new] law is more harsh and has tough punishments for dangerous offences like reckless driving, using the phone when driving and speeding,” said Maj-Gen Mohammad Zaif Al Zafein, director of the traffic department of Dubai Police. 

To ensure compliance, Sharjah's authorities laid out a comprehensive plan. More than 90 patrols will be deployed across five of the emirate's most dangerous roads in the initial weeks of the implementation, according to Khaleej Times.

The new regulations cover a number of violations - new and old - all of which come with heavy fines for penalties, black points and impounding of vehicles. 

New violations included in the new law include child safety in cars, speeding, crowding around accident sites, jaywalking and seat-belt violations. 

Going over the speed limit by 80 km/hr comes with a 3,000 dirham fine

Violating the speed limit by over 80 km/hr will set drivers' back by 23 black points and may even lead to the confiscation of their vehicle for a period of 60 days. 

The previous law fined drivers 1,000 dirhams for going 60 km/hr over the speed limit, according to a list released by Khaleej Times earlier this year.

Blocking traffic now comes with a 1,000 dirham fine

Doing so would also cost your record 6 black points. 

Fines have definitely increased. The previous law (as of February 2016) set a 200 dirham fine for stopping a vehicle in a way that may block traffic. 

Don't think of crossing a red light ... unless you want to get a 1,000 fine

Driving a car without a license plate can cost you 3000 dirhams

A wrap-up of the new fines

Gulf News compiled a list of both new and old fines in the UAE. Check out the full version here