It all started when Hurricane Harvey hit Texas in what was described as the worst storm to hit the United States in 12 years. 

Now, Hurricane Irma - which is the strongest storm ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean - is making its way through several regions including the Caribbean. 

One American state is expecting the storm to approach its coast. 

Forecasts show Irma moving up northwest to the southern Florida coast. Other forecasts show Irma making a landfall farther north in Georgia or the Carolinas, according to CNN

The devastating storms have taken a toll on the lives of thousands of people. 

However, some people are using the devastating news to highlight the United States' ongoing Islamophobia problem. 

Enter Karl Sharro (Lebanese satirist, architect)

Sharro's tweet has garnered nearly 2,000 re-tweets and over 3,000 favorites at the time of writing. 

Many took his joke with a light heart, while others deemed it as inappropriate and insensitive, considering the deadly consequences of the storms. 

A bit too soon to joke?

"Not so funny for those in trouble"

"Funny, but let our hearts beat for lives lost"

To laugh or not to laugh?

Many began making their own jokes

"Allah hu Hurricane!"

Would "OSAMA" stand a chance?

To enter, the storms will be randomly searched

And may not get through customs

Beware: "Muslim majority weather patterns" are coming

Then there were those who wished they thought of the joke first...