In the Muslim world, more often than not, the line between the forbidden (haram) and permissible (halal) actions of an individual are clearly drawn, but it doesn't seem to be as clear-cut as people think...

It all started when Twitter user @iatemuggles shared a screenshot of a Yahoo! Answers thread which questions whether or not it's haram to be a stripper.

However, the question doesn't stop there. It's followed with a justification stating that the money earned will be used to pay for the Islamic pilgrimage, otherwise known as Hajj.

The thread was first created in 2009 but began making the rounds on Twitter again this week. The content of the tweet suggests the user was attempting to make a joke - and if that's the case, she succeeded.

Some people actually took the time to respond to the Yahoo! Answers thread directly on the website.

"What kind of a question is this. The money you earn as a stripper is haram, you can't go to Hajj with haram money," one user responded.

Twitter users handled the matter quite differently. Let's take a look below...

One word: CONFUSED

"What level of iman is this?"

Some were simply lost for words...


Naturally, some resorted to memes

Sarcasm was the most popular form of commentary

"Her intentions are all that matter"

Drawing parallels had to be done

"Epic Fail"

Abort! Abort!

*Face Palm*

*Logs off forever*