On Monday, Twitter user @Wokieleaksalt decided to circulate a screenshot of a Facebook post published by Fahad Qadeer -  a man who many are claiming is a Pakistani scientist (but, we seriously have our doubts). 

Qadeer - who blessed the world with his views on hijab - explains that women need to wear the hijab because "male eyes emit such radiations which can cause skin cancer, damage hairs, etc of a female [sic]."

He explains that the hijab is worn to "prevent [women] from such harmful radiations." 

The Twitter account - which shared the original screenshot - has since been suspended. But, that really hasn't stopped other tweeps from sharing the photo with a touch of sarcasm.  

It all started with this

And then came the birth of hilarious memes

"Einstein turned in his grave" at the breakthrough discovery

Some resorted to #QadeerLogic to make a point

Some proposed simple solutions to his theory

BREAKING: "The real threat are male eyes"

Wait, so do these male radiations only affect females? Are male genes immune?


Wait ... it's real. There is proof.