Dubbed "the funniest Muslim on social media", Omar Imran can seriously turn anything into a joke. 

In his latest social media antic, the young comedian from New Zealand, turned the face of Palestinian-American record producer DJ Khaled into a meme, and the thread is seriously hilarious. 

Imran is known for using humor to fight Islamophobia, by focusing on the lighter side of Muslim struggles often overlooked by the media. 

1. When you realize you're too old for Eid money

2. When you don't get a bite of that samosa you've been eyeing for hours

3. When your mom doesn't give you enough credit

4. When your kind gestures go unnoticed

5. When your best friend betrays you

6. When your best friend is the biggest suck up

7. When your motto is "Just Do It Tomorrow, Nshalla"

8. When Trump doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon