Microsoft's Skype Translator, a tool that automatically translates audio speech into text, can now speak Arabic on your behalf.

Using Modern Standard Arabic, the formal Arabic taught in schools, the tool overcomes the language barriers due to the various dialects spoken across the MENA region.

"Unlike dialects, which may vary greatly from country to country, MSA is used throughout the Arab-speaking world in written and formal communications," Skype said in a blog post on its website .

We all know how hard clear communication can be when conversing with someone whose mother tongue is not the same as yours. With this new tool, you have the option to choose between audio translation or text translation while skyping with another person. This is definitely a major plus not just for international business calls, but also for younger generations who want to communicate with extended family living abroad.

To use the translator, you would first need to turn it on by clicking on the globe button in the chat window. You would then select your messaging and spoken language preferences.


Microsoft first unveiled Skype Translator in May 2014. It now speaks a total of eight languages, including English, German, French, Italian, Mandarin, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish and now Arabic. However, the feature is currently only available in Skype for Windows.