With a 13,000-ft jump shooting down at 210 km/hr, Skydive Dubai will definitely have all you adrenaline junkies satisfied. You may be wondering what makes it so special?

Overlooking the Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina, skydivers have an amazing view to look at as they slowly feel death taking over.

But is that enough to get you to jump? Of course not. Skydiving for first-timers is never easy. Your brain goes through a thick and deep mental process before, during, and after the jump. Here's what it's like:

First, you convince yourself that you'll do it

Until you finally find the guts to register

Because YOLO

But you start getting nervous as the big day approaches

Until the wait is over. Time to get on that plane, no backing out

And that's when you kind of start wishing you didn't

Because you realize accidents in extreme sports are all on you

Then you just count to three and....

The adrenaline starts rushing to your head

As you slowly overcome your life-long trust issues

Because he's seen your "Daffy Duck" face ... up close & personal

You're more than grateful you chose to wear an old pair of pants

 Then you finally land and you start feeling all kinds of things

Like ... not believing you actually did it

And thinking you have the ability to fly

Feeling crazy, thrilled and terrified all in the same moment

And you kind of wish someone warned you of the side effects


Months or even years later, you finally begin to reminisce

And you start wondering if you'll ever become a 'fun jumper'

Till the next time. Remember keep calm & jump the palm

P.S. even Will Smith made it out there

Are you ready to jump?