Brest mosque shooting, France, mosquee Sunna de Brest
Source: HuffPost

Two people were injured on Thursday after an unidentified gunman opened fire at the Mosquée Sunna de Brest, a mosque in the French city of Brest. 

One of the victims is Imam Rachid Al Jay - who had been threatened by Daesh previously for speeches he had made that were "in line with the values of the Republic."

Al Jay sustained four bullet injuries, two to his abdomen and another two to his legs, while the second victim, a worshipper, "was hit in the legs by two bullets," the French Council of the Muslim Faith reported, according to Gulf News. 

Both men were leaving the mosque when a stranger approached them, asking for a photo with the imam. As soon as the latter agreed, the man opened fire and was quick to flee the scene. 

Local police launched a manhunt and were able to find the attacker soon after. His body, with a bullet to the head, was found in his "Renault Clio car in a nearby neighborhood." 

The police believe the shooter acted alone with no accomplices. Consequently, the search was called off, the Washington Post reported

The gunman is "unknown to the police," has no files, and "is not known to belong to a far-right movement," sources said, according to Gulf News. The sources added that written documents were found near his body, without revealing further details. 

A police officer confirmed both victims were now in stable condition after being hospitalized. 

Islamophobia kills, and it's been on the rise in the West for the past few years

This year alone, an unfortunate handful of mosque shootings took place around the world. The horrific shooting in New Zealand shook the world back in March - an attack on two mosques in Christchurch that left 50 people dead and countless others injured. 

In April, a terror attack targeting Christians in Sri Lanka had been described as a "retaliation attack" for the Christchurch tragedy. 

Back in May, during the holy month of Ramadan, an armed man covering his face walked into a mosque in London and fired several shots. Luckily, no injuries or material damages were inflicted. 

Islamophobia doesn't just come in the form of violent killings, but it can hide behind vile words, religious outfit bans, and lack of support for Muslim victims (or even worse, excess of accusations while they're innocent).