Your brain, like your entire body, needs exercise. But rather than spend hours reading dull books you don't care about, you can have fun and test your knowledge through fun apps. If you want to sharpen your wits or just have a good time, these apps are exactly what you're looking for.


This app is full of different ways to test your brain power, with more than 100 problems designed by professionals to tease your brain.

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This beautifully designed game will challenge the way you think about space, demanding you to come up with new ways to get through complex mazes.


QuizUp is the world's biggest trivia game, and includes quizzes on anything you might imagine. You can test your knowledge against strangers from all over the world, or challenge friends to see who knows most.

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This app is like a portable gameshow where you can test your knowledge, and challenge your friends.

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This app contains a variety of minigames that will test you, and it adapts to your level to remain challenging and exciting.