ShareTheMeal, a non-profit initiative launched by the United Nation's World Food Program in 2015, released an updated version of the app on Thursday to include Arabic just in time for Ramadan.

The Arabic version of the app was planned to be ready before Ramadan officially begins.

“We made sure that the ShareTheMeal app is ready before the Holy month of Ramadan, a time when people are looking for ways to help those in need such as Syrian refugee children,” Sebastian Stricker, Head of ShareTheMeal, said according to Asharq Al Awsat .

The organization's goal this year is to support the 1,400 refugee children between the ages of three and four in Beirut.

If you're a smartphone user, all you have to do is download the app ( iOS or Android ) and donate something as little as $0.50 to help provide food to Syrian refugees residing in Lebanon.

A $0.50 donation can help feed one child for a day.

It's definitely an app worth getting!

People are already expressing their love for the app...

Because all it takes is one click!

And together we can work to end hunger.

Being the largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide, the WFP provides assistance to 80 million people each year. In the summer and fall of 2015, the organization shared 1.8 million meals with children in Lesotho. In November and December 2015, the WFP raised funds to provide school meals to 20,000 Syrian refugee children living in camps in Jordan. In January and April 2016, the organization raised enough funds to support 2,000 mothers and their babies in Homs for a full year.