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An Emirates Airline flight en route to Dubai from Auckland, New Zealand, was hit with severe turbulence last week. The latter's gravity led to several injuries and some material damages, The Independent reported

The sudden incident affected the A380 aircraft three hours before the flight's scheduled arrival to the UAE. 

A video capturing the aftermath of the terrifying moments passengers endured while onboard was uploaded online. In the clip, the first class section of the aircraft can be seen in complete disarray. 

Broken bottles and cutlery can be seen on the floor as cabin crew appear to be cleaning up the mess. 

In a statement to press, an Emirates spokesperson confirmed the unlucky occurrence. 

"Unfortunately a few passengers and crew suffered minor injuries during this incident. First aid was administered and medical assistance was arranged for those who needed it on arrival," they said. 

"The safety and well-being of our passengers and crew is always our top priority," they added. 

Not the first time a similar incident is reported on a regional airline

In 2016, a Qatar Airways flight, en route from Washington, D.C., to Doha, was forced into an emergency landing after severe turbulence left passengers injured.

In 2013, a number of passengers and crew on an Emirates Airline flight from Dubai to Jakarta, Indonesia, suffered minor to serious injuries after the plane was hit by heavy turbulence.

At the time of the incident, the Boeing 777-300 jet was carrying 374 passengers on board. The incident left 10 passengers and three cabin crew in need of medical attention.