Are you a frequent traveler? Are you tired of keeping multiple phones with different SIM cards? Well, if you're an iPhone user, this is the answer for you.

The Krimston TWO combines a beautifully designed phone case and an application that allows users to seamlessly use two GSM lines from the same iPhone. Additionally, contacts are synced between both SIMs and the case provides additional battery life and a personal hotspot, ensuring constant coverage.

As simple as buying the product, inserting your second SIM and downloading the app, Krimston TWO is set to be a hit with iPhone users. The Lebanese entrepreneurs behind this product recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to push the Krimston TWO to market. We talked with co-founder and CEO Fouad Fattal to find out a bit more about his exciting new product.

"We love our iPhone and we travel a lot. The result? High roaming fees," Fattal told StepFeed, explaining the inspiration behind the invention. "The workaround was to handle two phones when abroad. But the hassle of handling two phones was also quite a burden. So we wanted our own phone to do more"

With the aim of raising $100,000, the Kickstarter campaign has already received more than a quarter of its funding in less than week since its launch. Fattal told us that the positive response is because backers face the same issues as him.

"The TWO case comes as big relief to so many different users on the planet," he said. "The nice thing about the product is that our backers have faced and are still facing the same problems we faced  ... However, it always feels good to get such a positive feedback from all around the world."

Explaining what the next steps will be if the Kickstarter campaign is a success, Fattal said, "The orders coming from our crowdfunding campaign will be added to the preorders that we are getting from direct distributors, which will allow us to reach out to several different markets in a very short period of time."

In regards to future innovation he added, "The product will evolve with all the users' feedback where, in addition to that, we have a lot of listed features and upgrades that are already set on our agenda. Not to mention that we are working in parallel on very innovative technologies to make the product smoother than what is already is."

Krimston TWO has come as the result of two years of dedicated work and Fattal is thankful that the campaign is receiving such a positive response. "It is very rewarding to hear all the positive feedback now that our product is out," he said. "And I would like to mention that, even though the TWO case is answering a lot of needs in a seamless integration, the product roadmap will make things even easier than what they already are and might have a huge impact on redirecting the telecommunication industry."

He also added, "Adapting our solution to other smartphones is also something we might be considering."

As backers have already flocked to support the project on Kickstarter as well as place preorders, it looks like Krimston TWO definitely has a market of individuals ready for this innovative product