Just when you thought tributes to Egypt's football legend Mohamed Salah couldn't get any more bizarre, an ant taxonomist proves you wrong. 

Mostafa Sharaf, a Professor of Ant Systematics at King Saud University, recently named a species of ants after the footballer in a bid to honor him. 

Yep, you read that right. 

According to Liverpool Echo, the new species - now known as Meranoplus mosalahi - was discovered by Sharaf in Oman.

Under the scientific journal page dedicated to the discovery, Sharaf wrote

"We dedicate this species to Mohamed Salah (Mo Salah), the Egyptian professional soccer player of the English club Liverpool and the Egyptian national team."

The ant species is currently on display at the World Museum in Liverpool, where Sharaf is a visiting professor. 

The ant tribute has since gone viral

Some Mo Salah fans were upset by it

"I don't know what kind of tribute it is when you name an ant after Mohamed Salah. Where's the tribute? Maybe it's just for fame." 

Others couldn't even

"An insect named Mohamed Salah. An ant named Mo Salah." 

Many reacted with humor

"This must be the happiest moment of Mohamed Salah's life. An ant was just named after him." 

"The day you decided to name something after him, it's an ant"

"Are there no more leopards on planet Earth?"

"The pride of all Arab ants"