After the semester has finally ended, you probably can't wait to finally get some rest. But, on the other side of the break there's usually remorse over time wasted. So rather than waste your winter break in bed binge-watching series and eating junk food, here are some ideas for you to get the most out of your winter break.

1. Go on a roadtrip with friends

If you've been stuck in the city for university, explore the countryside with your friends this winter break. You can rent a car and wander aimlessly, or plan a roadtrip that will last for days. Make sure to take your camera with you to document a trip that you will always remember!

2. Go see a play

When was the last time you saw a play? Chances are never. This winter break ditch the cinema for a more intense experience and go to the theater. It may seem weird at first, but we promise you that you will uncover an entirely new world with plays. Tickets tickets are pretty cheap, even free in most universities, so you have no excuse to miss watching a play!

3. Volunteer for a cause you care about

Look up NGOs in your town and find the perfect opportunity for you to make the best of your time off. Whether you do it out of the kindness of your heart, or you want to build up your CV, you're bound to find numerous volunteer opportunities that will work with your time, and benefit your soul as well as your resumé.

4. Get a new hobby

Remember that thing you've been putting off doing since last spring? Now's the time to do it! Whether your New Year's resolution was to learn guitar or start painting, over the long break you can work at finally carrying out your resolution. There are many workshops aimed at students that are pretty short and to the point, and they'll end before semester starts so you can impress everyone with what you've learned over break. Alternatively, check out how-to videos on YouTube.

5. Explore the art scene in your town

There are many online directories that will lead you to gems you never knew were in your town. There are exhibits, museums, festivals, and street performances you can find with just a few clicks. What's even better is the amount of bizarre things you will find, go out and see them because you'll either enjoy it or end up with a great story of that weird thing you went to once.