Let's see if we got this right. 

- Wearing pants = haram

- Wearing perfume = haram 

- Plucking eyebrows = haram 

Okay, great. That sounds fair

Now, in a more recent lovely opinion unraveling, one Arab man with the username @ashrrraf27 on Twitter, cared to share his thoughts regarding women who wear white pants.

Here's the lovely tweet:

"I can't see any girl who wears white pants as anything other than 'not respectable.'"

Well, dear Achraf, you have successfully upset thousands of women

"The disadvantages of wearing white pants:

1/ It gets dirty quickly.

2/ It only goes with one or two outfits. 

3/ Ashraf will deem you not respectable."

"You're wearing white pants, girl?"

"When Ashraf sees a girl wearing white pants"

"The criminal... she's wearing white pants"

Who's behind this tweet?

"White pants = controversy? Ashraf, please don't be upset over this"

The Sisterhood of the White Pants?

Keep 'em coming!

+10 for all Arab women!

Guess what? Men also joined the movement ????????

"One of the privileges of being a man is that you can wear white pants and still be respectable." 

"Wearing white pants in solidarity with dishonorable girls"

"Are men also not respectable?"

What's on everyone's mind now ... "going to buy white pants"