Late on Monday, Snapchat Support announced there was something wrong with the application's direct messaging feature. 

"Some Snapchatters are having trouble with Chats. We're looking into it," read a tweet posted on their official Twitter account. 

Minutes after the announcement was made, thousands of Saudi tweeps who had been unable to send or reply to messages, reacted to the news, resulting in a complete meltdown that went down on Twitter.

It all started with this tweet from Snapchat...

Then, all hell broke loose...

"I've been clicking on send for an hour now, I turned off my phone, reloaded the app a million times and now you tell me it's broken!"

People prayed for patience

"God give us patience."

Everyone was really upset, except Twitter fans

"They'll all fall and you'll always be the boss."

"Everything but Snapchat"

The breakdown was so real

People had so many questions

A few offered immediate solutions

Some solutions were rather extreme...

"There's a problem with snapchat messaging, here's a very simple solution:

1 - Delete Snapchat 

2 - Format your phone

3 - Hit it against a wall"

Because no one can live a minute without snap messages

"I am trying to keep myself together, but I can't not answer my messages."