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On Wednesday, a young Saudi boy tragically lost his life after drowning in a swimming pool in one of the kingdom's schools, Akhbaar 24 reported

The incident took place during a physical education class held at a government-owned primary school located in Jeddah. 

In his statement on the matter, the official spokesman for Mecca's education authority explained that the death occurred after the little boy, now identified as Sami Al Harbi, accidentally fell into water. 

He also added that a trained instructor was present at the time of the incident and will now be interrogated as part of an urgent investigation launched into the accident.  

The tragic news upset many on Twitter

"This is truly so heartbreaking"

"Ah my heart... may God have mercy on his soul and grant his parents patience. This is truly so heartbreaking." 

Others were at a loss for words

Some were outraged over the rise in the number of school-related accidents

"This is a pool!!! Anyone could've saved him and an instructor was present when the accident happened. A few days ago a child died after he was forgotten on a bus."

Others called on authorities to take strict action

"If this pool isn't properly child-proofed, those responsible for maintaining it, the school's management, and teachers must be held accountable for their negligence." 

Not the first tragic accident involving a student this month

Earlier this month, an 8-year-old child passed away in Saudi Arabia after he fell asleep on a school bus. 

Later identified as Abdulaziz Al-Muslim, the little boy was reportedly excited to go to school and hopped on the bus at 6 a.m. as usual. As he was sleeping, everyone got off the bus and the driver locked the vehicle without checking if he had left anyone behind.

Due to excessive heat and lack of oxygen, Al-Muslim suffocated in his sleep. He was then discovered and transferred to a local hospital in Saihat at around noon but passed away five minutes after reaching the building. 

The tragic accident sparked anger on Saudi Twitter, especially because the same unfortunate incident had happened to the victim before. 

It also led Saudi Arabia's Minister of education to hold an urgent meeting during which officials discussed student safety.