When it comes to hilarious trending hashtags on Twitter, Saudis win the game. 

This week, the top trending hashtag in the kingdom asks Saudi tweeps to imagine what they'd do if they had a million riyals ($266,000.)

And some of their answers will simply make you LOL: 

First things first

A celebratory dance is a must

Sleep ... just finally sleep

"Become my loved one's Abdul Aziz"

Some will buy one way tickets out of the region

Others just want to buy the entire Al Baik chain

A few will spend all their money on a personal candy store

Maybe change the result of an entire football game?

"I'd have spoken to the referee, made him count this goal for me and given him the million." 

Someone wants to forget everyone they know

"Nabil Shouail said it: I'll forget you, I'll forget you and I'll forget the days I spent with you." 

And they aren't alone

"I'll forget you all."

"I read the hashtag... imagined, smiled and that's it"