A video that was reportedly shot at a concert organized by Saudi Arabia's General Entertainment Authority is causing outrage on social media. 

The outcry came after the footage, in which a band can be seen rapping in English, went viral on Wednesday.

According to Huffpost Arabi, what set most people off, is the fact that the concert was held outside a building belonging to the Saudi religious police. 

Here's how it all went down:  

First, a video shot at the concert went viral

Then, people launched a hashtag against the country's entertainment authority

Ever since the video went viral, thousands have taken to Twitter, reacting to it via the now trending Twitter hashtag: #هيئه_الترفيه_تستفز_المجتمع (The entertainment authority provokes society). 

Some are expressing their anger

"We fully stand by our government in all that it does. However, what happened outside a building that belongs to our country's religious police is unacceptable." 

Others are sharing a photo of the band singing in front of the religious police building

A few think the whole thing is fabricated

Tweeting at the official account of the country's entertainment authority, one person wrote:

"We know that what's circulating is fabricated. We await a statement from you on the matter." 

Many are defending the country's entertainment authority

"The entertainment authority did not provoke anyone. These are all fabrications made up by people who are upset by the advancement we've witnessed in recent months."  

"People of all ages who attended the concert had a great time. It was a perfect event."  

Others don't get what the whole fuss is about

"We just want to enjoy ourselves and all you want to do is spark controversy."  

The General Authority for Entertainment

The General Authority for Entertainment was formed under a royal decree issued in 2016. 

It comes as part of the kingdom's Vision 2030, an initiative focused on diversifying the country's economy. 

Headed by Amr al-Madani, the authority aims to enhance the cultural and entertainment scene across Saudi Arabia.

In recent months, the entertainment industry has been making strides across the kingdom. 

In early January, Al Madani revealed that the ban on cinemas may soon be lifted, with theaters expected to open in the kingdom soon. 

Earlier this year, the country held its first concerts in 25 and 7 years, in Jeddah and Riyadh respectively - and hosted its first ever Comic Con

In March, the kingdom also organized its first YouTube FanFest, an event that brought together YouTubers from around the world.