The death of Um Abdullah, a Saudi woman known for selling tea out of a small stall based in Khobar's corniche, left thousands of Saudis heartbroken. 

Many are paying tribute to the woman on social media, as her inspiring story moved millions after it aired on national television as part of a news report. 

In her segment, Um Abdullah spoke of how she launched her humble tea business to help her family survive difficult financial circumstances. She also explained that she'd been selling tea for two decades, adding that her recipe had become one of the most popular in the region.

In the wake of her death, the reporter who filmed the TV spot sent out a tweet, hailing her strength and sending out condolences to her family. 

Authorities have since passed the stall's ownership to Um Abdullah's children

According to Akhbaar 24, the governor of Saudi Arabia's Eastern region, Fahed Al Jubair, issued an order granting the ownership of Um Abdullah's stall to her children.

The decision was made to ensure her children can keep the stall up and running as their only source of income.

Tributes to Um Abdullah poured in on Twitter

Just hours after news of her passing started making the rounds online, Saudis sent out tributes via the hashtag "Um Abduallah's tea." 

Everyone mourned her death

"We grew up with Um Abdullah and saw her small business grow. May God have mercy on your soul." 

And re-shared her viral TV spot

"The best tea on the corniche"

Many were moved by the woman's story

"People's love can't be bought"

"I don't even know her, but from all the comments I know she's a great, generous woman." 

"The kindest human being I ever met"

RIP Um Abdullah