What happens if you top pizza dough with Al Baik's widely famous fried chicken, some fries, garlic paste, and cheese? 

This question was answered by two Saudi vloggers over the weekend. 

In a video posted to their Youtube channel 'Life and Cheat' on Saturday, famous vloggers Abdulrahman and Amir showed their followers how to make a pizza topped with Al Baik ingredients. 

Given people's obsession with the restaurant's meals in Saudi Arabia, the video went viral with over half a million views, making thousands of fans drool over the creation. 

Here's how it all went down: 

First, the duo rolled out some ready made pizza dough

Then, the master ingredient arrived...

Al Baik's garlic paste, chicken, and fries on a pizza?

The end result was quite epic

A complete meltdown on social media

"I am so hungry now." 

"After watching this, I am heading over to Al Baik"

"This pizza looks incredible"

People had mental breakdowns over the video

"I just suffered a mental breakdown." 

A few just couldn't even...

"I am dying to try it." 

"We demand that Al Baik begins to offer this on their menu"

People even named the creation: Baikza

And everyone wants to try it now

"I want Al Baikzaa!" 

Watch the now-viral video here: