Saudia Airlines officially announced a restrictive dress code for all passengers taking its flights, Makkah Newspaper reported on Thursday. 

In a statement that is now available on their website, the airline said that women who expose their arms or legs or who wear clothes that are "too thin or too tight," as well as men wearing shorts will not be allowed on flights to or from Saudi Arabia. 

"SAUDIA may refuse to transport passengers, or may remove passengers from the flight at any point for not complying with its dress code," the statement added. 

Speaking to Makkah Newspaper, Riyadh's former head of the tourism and health sector, Ali Al Ghamdi, said that the rules don't just apply to the country's flagship carrier, and are general rules issued by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). 

Al Ghamdi noted that all airlines which operate in the country apply the same rules. 

He also explained that similar rules are often applied (in varying degrees) by airlines all around the world.

Passengers are upset

Several disgruntled passengers who were affected by the dress code rules spoke to Makkah Newspaper last week. 

Many of them complained how they weren't told about the latest regulations when they had booked their flights.  

Others explained that the rules were inconvenient and meant that they had to either purchase new clothes from airports or cancel their flights altogether.

The passengers belong to several nationalities and include Saudi women who were banned from boarding a flight heading back to the kingdom because they had "failed to adhere to the dress code." 

Mixed reactions on social media

As soon as news reports about the airline's dress code rules began to make the rounds online, hundreds reacted to them via the hashtag 'Saudia Airlines.' 

Many think that it's a positive move for the airline

"This is a positive move that counts for the airline who bars alcohol on board all its flights and also provides prayer areas for passengers. In general Saudia Airlines is great but some people just hate on anything that's local." 

"I am not obliged to see such clothing in public spaces, great decision on the part of the airline"

Others, however, are completely against the rules.   

"We're in 2017"

"People paid for their tickets, they should be free to do whatever it is that they want"

A few just can't even

"The religious police of Saudi Airlines."  

"Stick to your scheduled flight times and then we'll talk about clothes"

Many raised this important point

"This is called regression. I am with modesty in general, but not everyone who uses this airline is Muslim. Also, the rules issued are just too general, this will create problems when you try to apply them."