Earlier this week, thousands of Saudi women demanded an end to the kingdom's male guardianship system via the viral Arabic hashtag "end male guardianship or we will all emigrate."

However, demanding their most basic of rights seems to have upset a few people, who launched a retaliatory hashtag titled "women ruined Twitter".

Many sent out scathing comments through the Twitter tag, with some specifically targeting Saudi women's rights activists in their attack.

Their hate-filled tweets weren't left unanswered though, because Saudi women were all there for it and made sure to hit back.

The retaliatory hashtag hit the top trends

This isn't the first time a sexist hashtag goes viral on Saudi Twitter but, this one in particular caught the attention of thousands of women in the kingdom. 

Some men proved to be horrible at math

Many targeted Saudi feminists

"It was ruined by feminists and middle schoolers." 

Some women decided to give men a second chance

"I'll pretend I didn't see anything, okay?"

But others savagely hit back

"OK, so leave Twitter, what are you waiting for?"

"If we ruined Twitter, you ruined life and everything else on planet earth"

"What else haven't you blamed women for?"

Many responded with memes

"Women, women, women... and if we give you one like, you DM us."

"To those who don't like our presence on Twitter"

"We're going to keep on ruining things for you"

Saudi women power is like no other