Earlier this week, Saudi authorities took action against a woman who drove a car outside the Ritz Carlton hotel in Riyadh, Ajel news site reported. 

This came after footage of the woman driving went viral on social media.

The video was uploaded to YouTube late in September and continues to make the rounds online.

In their statement on the matter, a spokesman for Riyadh Police said the woman has now been referred to the city's public prosecution office and will be penalized.

The spokesperson gave no further details on the type of penalty that awaits the defendant but warned against violations of the ban on female drivers, which is set to be lifted in June 2018. 

Before that date, any woman found driving in Saudi Arabia will potentially face legal persecution.

The latest news sparked controversy on social media

A few social media users thought the woman deserved to be punished

"Can't she wait a few more months? She deserves this."

And called for pretty harsh punishments...

"They should ban her from driving for 5 years."

Others were pretty confused

"What was the exact violation? Not having a license or what?"

Some were left speechless

"May God have mercy on us."

Saudi women will finally be given their right to drive in June 2018

In a historic turn of events, Saudi Arabia announced last month that women would now be allowed to drive, bringing an end to a much-criticised ban in the kingdom that barred women from doing so.

This is something women have been fighting for since the 1990s.

At the time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Saudi state television announced that King Salman had issued a royal decree authorizing the issuance of drivers licences for women in the kingdom.

The country's highest religious body, the Shura Council, whose members are appointed by the king, also approved the new order.