A Saudi woman who reportedly gifted her husband-to-be a car caused quite the stir on Twitter earlier this week. This came after footage capturing the moment the woman's fiancé received the surprise gift went viral online.

In the video, the man is seen walking out of a store only to be surprised by a car parked in front of it, with a message that read"You deserve this Hammoudi. May we celebrate the wedding soon."

Even though it remains unclear when or where the footage was filmed, it sparked an online frenzy after someone uploaded it on Youtube. Some news sites also stated that the groom-to-be was Yemeni, however, this also remains unconfirmed.

The heartwarming surprise left Saudis divided

Some thought that filming the surprise was uncalled for

"This is ridiculous, she could've just given it to him in private. Did she have to do all these silly things?"

Others thought no man deserved such a gift

"No man deserves such a gift, get her a sheikh to get those demons out of her please."

"I wish someone would give me such a gift"

Many loved the whole idea

"He deserves all the good in the world. May God bless this couple."

"May God grant them happiness"

"Alf alf mabrook"

Watch the full video below: