A Saudi wedding ended with a bang that was anything but celebratory over the weekend. Tens of men were attending the reception in Mecca's Rabigh city when a cameraman filming the event put out a cigarette in a gunpowder bag he mistook for a trash can. 

Gunpowder is often used as part of Al Makamee' - a traditional Saudi "gun dance" - performed at weddings. 

The photographer, who is reportedly Egyptian, was gravely injured and is receiving treatment at a local hospital for critical burns. Two other wedding invitees also required medical attention but are now in stable condition.

Several media outlets later reported that the explosion was caused by an electrical fault. However, these reports remain unconfirmed. 

*A video capturing the incident is available online but we choose not to share it in line with ethical standards.

People were perplexed by the incident. Some believed an electrical mass was the cause of the explosion and fire, while others focused on the victims.

"Is it even possible for this to be gunpowder?"

"Gunpowder at a wedding?"

"Ya lateef"

"I hope everyone learns from this and refrains from gun stunts at weddings"

"Thank God for everyone's safety"

"This isn't related to smoking, this is an electrical mass"