Students across Saudi Arabia are currently sitting for their final exams and for a few of them, things don't seem to be going too well. 

Earlier this week, a video shot by a math teacher claiming his car had been vandalized by students because they found their exam too difficult went viral on social media. 

In the footage, which continues to circulate online, the man explains his students threw eggs at his car and ran away. 

People's reactions to the clip were pretty hilarious

Many just couldn't even

"He should thank God it was only eggs"

Some reacted to the news with sarcasm

"I swear they're brilliant."

And lots of trolling...

"It's fine, just pay 20 riyals to wash it up."

That was just endless...

"Your students are kind."

Not everyone took the matter lightly though...

"Even if this teacher's exam questions were hard, even if they were out of the curriculum, there's no excuse for this. There are other, more respectful ways to communicate their complaints."

Some were pretty upset over it

"Fail them all." 

"Uncivilized behavior"