Earlier this week, Saudi Arabia's King Salman and his son Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman visited two of the kingdom's governorates, Al Qassim and Ha'il. 

During the visit, King Salman issued an order to suspend schools in both regions on Thursday due to unstable weather conditions. 

According to Al Mnatiq new site, the decision covers students, teachers, and school administrators in both governorates. 

Soon after news of the suspension broke online, thousands of Saudis in Al Qassim and Ha'il celebrated the day off on social media. 

The news broke Saudi Twitter

Thousands have since been celebrating the school suspension via a viral hashtag that topped trends on Saudi Twitter. 

Celebrations came in full force

The Saudi school suspension dance

Would it be a celebration without a zaghrouta?

Of course, people in other cities were pretty jealous

And upset

To say the least

But those in Al Qassim and Ha'il were all ready for the hate

"Let me read the evil eye prayer."

Say mashallah everyone

Saudi memes are always right on point

"The desert camps tomorrow"