Late on Thursday, two rising 'sheyla' singers sent Twitter into a complete meltdown after the face of porn star Mia Khalifa was used on the cover image of their latest single. 

The 'sheyla,' which is a traditional Khaleeji-Saudi singing style, is sung by Fahd Bin Fasla and Abdullah Al Jafran and is a shorter, remixed version of an original song they released earlier this week.  

The image was used in a video of the track, which was recently uploaded to YouTube. 

While, it's unclear whether the entire thing is a calculated publicity stunt initiated by the singers, or a fan made cover video, it still went viral on social media.

And people's reactions were quite hilarious. 

It all started when this version of the single was shared on YouTube

Then, all hell broke loose on social media

"The scandal of scandals."   

People were slightly confused

"Guys, isn't she the one from 'those' websites or am I mistaken?" 

Some just couldn't even

Really couldn't...

A 'sheyla' for Mia Khalife?

"Yep, they made a sheyla for Mia Khalifa"

"I am sure they don't even know who she is"

"Shh don't tell them"

"You're using Mia Khalifa's images now? Where to sheyla singers? Where to?"

An earlier version of the cover image is also circulating online

Soon after the 'Mia Khalife' cover image began to circulate on social media, a few tweeps pointed out that a longer version of the same song has been on YouTube since September 10.  

This version's cover image, which was deemed 'more appropriate' by many online, features photos of the two singers, along with the image of a woman wearing a face veil appearing on both sides of the screen.