Speaking on Television earlier this week, Mohammad Al Jasser, the spokesman for Saudi Arabia's civil authority revealed a few of the weirdest names given to newborns in the country. 

This came a few days after local newspaper Okaz, reported that over sixty nationals had applied to change their names in the same week. 

"First, I'd like to explain that the number mentioned by the newspaper is only an estimate. We don't count the amount of [people who] apply for their names to be changed, but there are many," Al Jassar said. 

The spokesman also added that the majority of those who apply to have their names changed are females. 

When one of the show's presenter's asked Al Jassar to share a few of the weirdest names he has come across, the samples revealed were quite shocking, to say the least. 

The weirdest female names

1. Is'aaf (translates to 'aid,' 'relief' and also 'ambulance')

2. Qahwa (Coffee)

3. Foota (Fabric/cloth)

4. Sha3ee3 (Originates from Light/Sun rays)

The weirdest male names

1. Sondooq (Box)

2. Da3ee3 (Originates from da3a, which means 'invited')

3. Hayen (Easy)

Watch Al Jassar's full statement here: