As Ramadan nears its end, millions are arriving in Saudi Arabia's Mecca to perform Umrah in the city's Holy Mosque and social media is buzzing with videos capturing moments from the site. 

One that went viral earlier this week shows a Saudi policeman communicating with a Nigerian woman in her native language, helping her find her way through the Grand Mosque.  

The footage started circulating online after several Saudi Twitter news accounts uploaded it to the platform. 

Thousands then reacted to it, hailing the site's policemen for protecting worshippers and trying their best to cater to all their needs. 

The heartwarming video broke Saudi Twitter

People just loved it

"I was truly impressed when I saw him speak her language"

"Something not everyone knows is that the holy site's security learn several languages"

"This is to ensure they can assist worshippers at the site." 

"These are the people we're proud of"

"Mashallah bas"

"A symbol of honor, we have a right to be proud of people like him"

Many hailed the holy site's policemen

"You make us proud, guarders of Mecca's holy site." 

"May God protect them"