Earlier this week, Saudi authorities in Jeddah shut down a local cafe because it hosted a "loud mixed-gender party," Twasul news site reported.

The woman who owns the cafe - along with the employees - were referred to the kingdom's public prosecution for investigation.

The action taken against them comes after a video capturing the event went viral on Saudi Twitter. In the footage, men and woman can be seen enjoying an ordinary gathering as music plays in the background. 

The cafe's owner faces legal action if her business doesn't have a government license to host musical events.

This is due to a 2017 order passed by Mecca's governor Prince Khaled Al-Faisal, which states that any event featuring music, DJ performances or live bands is considered illegal unless it's licensed by officials. 

The video got Saudis talking

So did the news of the cafe's closure

The decision to shut down the place divided many on Twitter. Some are all for the closure of the cafe because they believe the kingdom's laws had been violated.

However, others are completely against the action, calling it regressive and completely uncalled for. 

Many believe that authorities did the right thing

"Such great action taken against this place."

And want the cafe's owners to be punished

"Where are we living? We want to see these people punished." 

Not everyone is happy with news of the closure though

"Oh so you think this is an achievement now?" 

"And you want a vision and tourism"

Many think there's absolutely nothing wrong with the event

"What party are people talking about, they just played music." 

And just can't even with the entire controversy

"Get me out of Saudi Arabia, I am done with regression. It's pretty simple, you like this cafe, go to it, you don't, just stay at home and preach to your own family."

Not the first time a place is shut down for hosting a mixed-gender musical event in Saudi Arabia

Last year, authorities in Saudi Arabia's Jazan Governorate ordered the immediate closure of a resort that hosted a mixed-gender concert.

The shut down came after a video capturing parts of the event went viral on Saudi Twitter and sparked public outrage.

Though the concert was licensed by the kingdom's Tourism Authority, Jazan's governor decided to take immediate action against the resort, after people reported that violations occurred during performances.