The now infamous Saudi mini-skirt model has been released without charges.

The kingdom's Ministry of Culture and Information and a source from Riyadh's police confirmed the news to local Saudi media. A spokesperson said the 27-year-old woman, identified as Kholoud, was released the same day she was taken in for questioning. 

According to a statement from Saudi Arabia's Center for International Communication, Kholoud was questioned for several hours before being let go.

The woman drew local and international attention after a video of her walking without an abaya in Ushayqir, Saudi Arabia, went viral. Wearing a miniskirt and a short sleeve shirt, Kholoud can be seen walking through the historic district and the desert.

Saudi Arabia requires women to wear an abaya in public, as well as a scarf to cover their hair. The enforcement of the conservative regulation varies depending on the region and city.

Riyadh Police reportedly identified and questioned Kholoud earlier this week, referring her case to the Public Prosecution Department.

According to police, Kholoud acknowledged that she had visited the area, claiming the videos were published without her consent by an unknown individual.

Of course, the viral video drew a lot of criticism on social media

"Regardless of her nationality or whether or not her husband was with her. And regardless of whether she knew the video was made public... she should be punished and deported." 

But others jumped to the woman's defense

What if she were Trump's daughter?

"If she were Trump's daughter people would have applauded her, but because she's Arab you want to persecute her." 

And others called her a criminal

"She's a criminal for not wearing an abaya in public and a criminal for filming the entire thing."